Music is our everything. Internet is our home and workplace.
Full digital support for musicians, bands, artists and public persons.



We create personal sites, web pages, online shops, apps, etc. We support personal profiles and official pages at social networks. We can teach how to earn money on your music and video on resources such as YouTube, iTunes, Orchard and others. We prepare, launch and carry successful advertising campaigns in search engines (Google, Yandex), social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, YouTube, etc.) and in other big sites.

About Team


Our services include everything that concerns the internet and even a little more. Making beautif correctly and teach effectively own this. We prefer narrowly popular musical projects and worthy public people. Consider all offers, study and analyze your activities before we start. May refuse cooperation if our tastes, views or positions are fundamentally different. Making good discounts especially for interesting projects with good prospects. Write to us!

  • Creating

    Create essence from scratch. Embody your desires, even if you have not yet formulated the final.

  • Support

    Support of all that is created by us. At a higher interest your projects we might manage resources created by others (websites, social networks).

  • Counseling

    Answer any questions that belong to the scope of our competence. Learning to use things created by us.


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